Our God Saves!

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Frankie and Kirsten ViningWe sing songs that declare that our God saves and we say we believe that our God saves but sometimes while we walk thru the nittty gritty of life it can become easy forget that our God indeed does save.  Recently, our church family came face to face with a spectacular reminder of the power of the saving grace of God.

Frankie and Kirsten Vining divorced last year and because of Frankie’s alcoholism their three small children were left without the presence of a father in their lives.  Kirsten and the children began attending Grace Life and it seemed that their lives would somehow have to go on without Frankie.  However, the LORD had other plans.  Frankie finally hit bottom and it was there that he surrendered his life to Jesus.  Frankie entered into Teen Challenge – a Christ-centered discipleship program for people with life controlling issues.  Frankie finished the program 9 months later and he began to work on trying to rebuild a relationship with his ex-wife and children. Frankie hoped that he could have some type of relationship with his ex-wife and children but God had even more in mind.

I hope you enjoy hearing Frankie and Kirsten’s testimony from a recent worship service at GLBC and the ending that caught our church family by surprise.

Joel Frederick
Author: Joel Frederick

Joel Frederick is the Senior Pastor at Grace Life. Click here to learn more about Joel

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  1. Lori Posted on April 29, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    Praising Him for this miracle! Father forgive me for my lack of faith, you sure showed me.

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