Four Fantastic Family Commitments

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FamilyI’m always looking for handles that I can get a grip on in pursuing the things that really matter in life. Life is too short and too much is a stake to be fumbling around, not “getn’her done”. Dad & Mom, the days, months, and years you have with your kids will fly by. They will be over, “in the books” before you know it. If you aren’t very intentional in making the most of every opportunity the Lord provides and if you don’t have a tested plan to follow, you may spend the remainder of your days nursing the regrets of “what could have been” instead of celebrating “what is”! The following are simple, yet not simplistic, handles for you to hold to tightly as you seek to be a great steward of the precious gift that has been entrusted to you… your children.


  1. Each family member having a DAILY PERSONAL QT (Quiet Time) with the Lord in His Word and in prayer. Age development is certainly a factor, but helping your children develop this critical practice early may be the most impacting thing you can do for their spiritual development. (See Psalm 5:3; Mark 1:35)
  2. Having a weekly, if not daily, FAMILY WORSHIP TIME in the evening, together reading God’s Word, discussing its application, sharing about the day, and praying together for each other. (See Ephesians 6:4; Colossians 3:16, 4:2)
  3. MEMORIZE SCRIPTURE verses together as a family. Choose single verses (from Sunday School, devotions, sermons, etc.) or select a longer passage to work on over time. Daily review is the means of planting those verses in your heart for life. (See Psalms 119:9-11,105; Joshua 1:8-9)
  4. STRIVE FOR FIVE – commit to a minimum of five meals together as a family each week… at the table, with distractions removed (TV, phones, video games, etc.). You’ll be amazed what just being together will do for your family and the conversational opportunities to disciple your family. (Psalms 78:5-7; Deuteronomy 6:4-9)

Some Help for Getting Started:

  • You might initially think of these commitments as goals to pursue, rather than commitments to conquer.
  • “God’s way is the best way… no matter what!” Do you believe this? Really believe it? Resolve on this statement will enable you to make whatever sacrifice may be necessary.
  • “Say ‘yes’ to the best and ‘no’ to the rest!” Saying “no”, even to “good things”, may enable you to say “yes’ to God’s best.
  • Each of these commitments requires being intentional with your personal and family schedule. None of these will just happen and they all take some time. In fact, because each of these commitments will lead your family to become more devoted in your pursuit to follow Christ, your enemy… Satan, will do everything possible to prevent your success.
  • A place of beginning might be to call a family meeting and evaluate your family calendar. Look back at the previous month or week. Do you have the necessary margin in your life to make these commitments a priority?
  • You may discover a need to remove activities from your family’s schedule to clear the path for these new time investments. Keep in mind that change is not always a welcomed friend, especially if it means something of value has to be surrendered. So be creative and take it slow… crawl, walk, run. There is always a way… you may have to open your eyes a little wider to see all the options.
  • Allow all family members to be involved in the planning as well as implementing. There will be far greater ownership if everyone has a part to play in living out the commitments.

If you have ideas/stories to share or need help in leading your family to pursue these commitments (or goals), leave a comment, send an email or give me a call (205-428-1786 | I’m eager to assist you.

TOGETHER… leading our families to bring glory to God!

Saint Green
Author: Saint Green

Saint Green is the Minister of Children and Family Development at Grace Life. Click here to learn more about Saint.

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