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Worship Ministry Conference 2013I had the privilege of attending the Inspire Worship Conference in Brentwood, TN with about half of our worship ministry this past week. We had an incredible time of worship, instruction, and just hanging out without the pressure of rehearsing for a worship service. I am so thankful that so many were able to take off work, secure childcare for their children, and sacrifice time with their families to learn more about their craft and grow deeper in their relationship with the One who called them to that craft.

As I mentioned Sunday in our services, the theme of the conference was “One Thing”. It was taken from the popular new worship song “One Thing Remains“. I learned way too much to cover in one blog post. In fact, I’ll be processing those things for several weeks, deciding how best to apply them to my ministry and, most importantly, my walk with God. However, the one thing that was at the heart of our conference, the one thing that really matters most as I lead worship in my church and in my home, it’s the glory of God! That holds true in every aspect of my life, what I do in front of my congregation, what I do in front of my kids and my wife, and what I do when none of those people are around and it’s just myself and God.

That single phrase “one thing” is the filter for whether or not my actions, my thoughts, and my decisions are worth doing and thinking. When I put my time and energy into doing something, will the end result glorify God? Is that thing that I’m using valuable time and effort to make happen, going to honor God when I’m finished? Is it honoring God in the process? Am I thinking rightly towards God? Unfortunately, as I type this right now, my mind is consumed with worry about something, because I’m unsure of the outcome. My thoughts toward this instead should be trust as I reflect on God, who’s never once made a mistake, even when He created me! Why should I fear? Why should I worry? Are the decisions I’m making today going to point my family and my church family toward God tomorrow? Does the television show I choose to watch with my children point them to the truth of the Gospel or does it confuse them because what they see portrayed so clearly in high definition in their home is contrary to God’s Word?

I’m thankful that this phrase, this filter of “one thing” is so short and sweet, because I feel overwhelmed by all the stuff in my life that should pass through this filter before I allow it to impact my time, my thoughts, and my efforts. Are those things really what God has called me to be about as His adopted child? Will those things really matter in the end? Do those things that I choose to be involved in or the leader of assist me in looking to Jesus or do they hinder me? Do they point others to Him or are they simply things that don’t really make an impact either way. Quite frankly, I’m tired of doing things that don’t matter, that don’t make a difference, that don’t impact a person’s life for Christ. I don’t know that I have that much time to do, think, and say things that don’t really matter. I don’t know that our world has that much time for those things before Jesus returns for His Bride. So, I want to be about the “one thing” that really matters with no exceptions. Proverbs 3:6 tells us “in all your ways, acknowledge Him and he will make straight your paths”. It doesn’t state that there won’t be bumps in the road or mountains and valleys along the way, but it states that if I acknowledge God rightly in my actions, thoughts, and decisions that there won’t be forks in the road without directional signs. When I truly seek the Lord in these matters, there will be one set of signs that state “This Way to Jesus”. There will be one set of signs that state “This Way to the Author and Finisher of Your Faith. There will be one set of signs that state “This Way to the One Who Really Matters”!

Mike Jones
Author: Mike Jones

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