Colossal Coaster World…Thursday at Home!

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8962519501_43fd7b5f07_cVBS day four has left us all wanting more. The excitement continues to climb with each day and we want to make the most of the one day remaining. Tomorrow is set to be a fitting conclusion to a truly Colossal Coaster World experience. We were blessed to day to have a number of children respond and receive Christ after a simple presentation of the Gospel. Absolutely thrilling!

Parents, take a few minutes at the dinner table tonight or before bed and give your child “the stage” at home to tell you what they learned and experienced.

VBS Theme Scripture: For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment. 2 Timothy 1:7

VBS Motto: Facing Fear! Trusting God!

Ask open ended questions about the specific focus for today. You might even re-read the focus story. Here are the details for THURSDAY:

Day 4: Dare to Stand Strong
Bible Story: Paul Responded Wisely (Acts 21:27-23:11)
Life Application: I can trust God to help me have self-control and honor him with my actions.

Potential questions you might ask:

  • How did Pastor Bryant create giant smoke rings during the rally today?
  • Who have you really enjoyed spending time with this week?
  • What did you learn about in Bible Study? (Paul – standing strong even when persecuted and being a faithful witness)
  • As Paul began to follow Jesus, he immediately began to tell others about Jesus. Some didn’t appreciate his preaching. What did they do?
  • How did Paul respond? (Ch. 22 and again in Ch. 23)
  • Discuss ways your family can trust God to help you have self-control and honor Jesus with your actions … just like Paul did.
  • When we face difficult circumstances we have a choice… 1. REACT to those mistreating us, become angry and seek revenge; or 2. RESPOND by trusting that God has purpose even in this and He will guide me to do what is right regardless or what others do. Discuss the difference.
  • (With older children) Parents, share about a time when you “lost it” and reacted wrongly rather than responding in a way that would honor Jesus. (As awkward as it might be, it’s a good thing for your kids to learn of your struggles. Or course, if you reacted badly and presented a poor witness, but haven’t done what was necessary to make things right, you might want to confess that to your kids and allow them to help you develop a plan of action to put things right.)
  • If one of your children has trusted Christ as Savior, helping them learn how to tell their story (testimony) to others as Paul did will not only prepare them for that opportunity in the future, but also solidify their salvation experience in their own heart too.

We really can trust God to help us have self-control and honor Him with our actions. Jesus will provide everything we need to live for Him. Because we know that in Christ we are never alone in the journey, you and I can dare to stand strong.

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