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8953141210_c1b9d0eed3_cVBS Day Two has come and gone… what a day! We had a number of additions to the VBS family with many first time children attending. The Yellow Team surged from last place to edge out the Blue Team and take first place in the team points. The rooms, halls and play areas were filled with smiles and laughter. Wow! I love VBS! One little fellow was crying at the end of the day because… he wanted to stay at VBS all night and not go home. That’s what I call having a good time.
Parents, take a few minutes at the dinner table tonight or before bed and give your child “the stage” at home to tell you what they learned and experienced.
Help them better understand and apply the Theme Scripture and Motto, which we focus on every day in the Opening Rally:

VBS Theme Scripture: For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.  2 Timothy 1:7
VBS Motto: Facing Fear! Trusting God!

Ask a open ended questions about the specific focus for today. You might even re-read the focus story. Here are the details for TUESDAY:
Day 2: Dare to Speak Up
Bible Story: Paul Spoke Boldly (Acts 9:20-30)
Life Application: I can trust God to help me speak boldly about Him.

Potential questions you might ask:

  • What color team are you on and how do you score points?
  • Did Pastor Joel wear something funny in the rally?
  • Tell me about missions and what you are learning?
  • How are you coming along on your craft project?
  • Who did you learn about in Bible Study? (Saul/Paul)
  • As Saul/Paul began to follow Jesus, what did he immediately begin to do? (see vs. 20)
  • How did others respond to what Saul/Paul did?
  • Discuss ways your family can trust God to help you speak boldly about Him… like Paul did.
  • Tell your child about a time when you were afraid and how you faced your fear and trusted God. Give them a chance to ask questions about your experience.
  • (With older children) If you didn’t do this last night, consider telling the story of when you met Jesus and began to follow Him, and about your baptism.

Each day builds on the previous day so don’t miss a day this week if possible. Plan now to spend some time each night the rest of the week reinforcing these biblical truths in the heart of your child. That will make this coaster ride unforgettable! Are there friends you and your child could invite to join you at Colossal Coaster World? Might just provide you an opportunity for you to “speak up” for Jesus! I dare you!

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