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Life Verse

For it was You who created my inward parts; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I will praise you because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, and
I know this very well.
-Psalm 139:13-14

Sunday School Conversation

Christian-LoveREAD: Colossians 3:12-17

SHARE: After looking at this passage of Scripture list the different characteristics that a Christian person ought to have, especially when dealing with other people. Because the Lord values each human life we too must treat others the way the Lord would treat them. This is not always easy, but human relationships can be difficult at times. Share some challenging relationships that are currently in and how this passage may help you share the love of Christ and be the love of Christ to those individuals.

PRAY: Ask the Lord to help you walk in such a way that others can see Christ in you. Ask the Lord to help you in the tough relationships that you may have and to give you wisdom as to how you can love that person as Christ loves them.

Parents – Refer to the “One Conversation” page for further discussion with your children.

Sermon Conversation

VisionREAD: Luke 18:35-42

SHARE: Helen Keller once said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” The Bible says that without a vision the people perish. Maybe you once had a vision in your heart and mind related to how you wanted to serve God but maybe now you find that a vision for serving the Lord has grown dim in your life. The good news is that Jesus can restore our vision. Review the sermon notes and talk about the steps the blind man took that ultimately led him to being able to see. Talk about the steps that you need to take to get your vision back.

PRAY: Ask the Lord to rekindle a passion in your heart for serving Him. Ask Him for wisdom so that you can discern His leadership in your life.

4-Core Conversation

READ: Colossians 4:2-6

SHARE: These five verses give us a strong encouragement to GO and be a witness for Christ. There are three different things mentioned in this passage that we should be mindful of…What are those three things? Give yourself a “check-up” on these three areas to see how you are doing? Be honest, the Lord already knows!

PRAY: Ask the Lord to help you in these three areas of your faith. Pray also that He would help you be a strong witness for him as you GO.

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