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Life Verse

Help me understand Your instruction, and I will obey it and follow it with all my heart.
Psalm 119:34

Sunday School Conversation

Holy BibleREAD: Psalm 119:1-16

SHARE: The new life in Christ that God intends for us comes out of time spent in His Word – hearing, reading, studying, memorizing, meditating and applying. Consider ways to reorder your household schedule so that you are able to spend time in God’s Word. What might that look like for you and your household?

PRAY: Ask the Lord to give you a hunger and thirst for righteousness and a desire to know and obey His Word. Parents – Refer to the “One Conversation” page for further discussion with your children.

Sermon Conversation

PlansREAD: Joshua 1:1-10

SHARE: God’s plan from long ago was to bring the Israelites into the land He had promised Abraham. Do you remember why they were delayed for 40 years? Now Joshua and the Israelites stand on the bank of the Jordan River with the promise on the other side. Pastor Joel summarized in his sermon that God told them to get ready, go by the Book, and to grab on to faith. Talk about what you are doing to get ready for God’s plan for you, whether or not you are going by the Book and if you are grabbing on to faith or not.

PRAY: Thank God that His plans for us are good and that He always keeps His promises. Ask Him to help you to get ready, to go by the Book, and to grab on to faith.

4-Core Conversation

The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to us and His instruction for our lives as we follow Jesus. Do you have your very own copy of the Bible in a translation that you can easily understand? Are there things in your life that prohibit you from truly spending time studying the Bible? What steps do you need to take today so that you can spend the needed time meditating on God’s Word? So take up the “sword of the Spirit” (See Eph. 6) and let the Lord use you to make an impact for His Glory!

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