D Group Guide – 1/15/17

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Daily Bible Reading

Day 1: Joshua 6:1-27

Day 2: Joshua 7:1-26

Day 3: Joshua 8:1-35

Day 4: Joshua 9:1-27

Day 5: Joshua 10:1-43

Group Bible Study

Week 20: Joshua 6:1-27 (The Fall of Jericho)

  • Jericho was “shut up” (v. 1). The city was fortified, well armed, and prepared for war. The walls of Jericho were likely as high as 20 feet and as thick as 8 feet. How difficult would it have been for the Israelites to defeat Jericho in a conventional manner? What dangers would they have faced?
  • In spite of the overwhelming odds against the Israelites, what promise did God give Joshua concerning Jericho? What specific orders did God give Joshua for the Israelites to conquer Jericho? Why was faith a necessity for Joshua and the Israelites to follow these orders?
  • God could have destroyed Jericho without the Israelites’ participation. Why do you think God chose to involve the Israelites in the battle? What lessons did they learn from this?
  • Joshua proved himself to be a great leader. What are some characteristics of godly leadership that we can learn from Joshua’s example?
  • In a different way, Rahab of Jericho was also a good leader. What are some characteristics of godly leadership that we can learn from her example?
  • When godly men and women lead and people follow, what positive results can be experienced?
  • When we are following God’s will, why do you think He sometimes allows a big obstacle to be in our path? What lessons can we learn from this story about how to handle life’s obstacles?
  • Are you facing any obstacle in your life today? How can we pray for you as you face this obstacle in faith?
  • Let’s pray for one another today to realize that no obstacle is too big for God.
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