D Group Guide – 1/22/17

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Daily Bible Reading

Day 1: Joshua 14:1-15

Day 2: Joshua 20:1-9

Day 3: Joshua 22:1-34

Day 4: Joshua 23:1-16

Day 5: Joshua 24:1-33

Group Bible Study

Week 21: Joshua 24:14-28 (Choose Whom You Will Serve)

  1. As Joshua gave his final challenge to the Israelites, how many times did he use the words “serve” or “served” in verses 14-15? Why do you think he put such an important emphasis on serving the Lord? What does it mean to be a servant of God? Do you consider yourself a servant of God? Why or why not?
  2. What choice did Joshua place before the Israelites in verse 15? Why should this have been a very easy choice for them to make? Regardless of the choice of others, what did Joshua boldly say about his own choice?
  3. Joshua’s words suggest a settled decision. Why is it important for our decision to serve the Lord to be a settled issue in our hearts? Why does this decision mean that we must be willing to swim against the stream or stand against the crowd in our commitment to God?
  4. Joshua indicated this decision was for “me and my house.” What does this imply about Joshua’s spiritual leadership of his family? Can you think of some decisions we might make for our families that go against popular culture?
  5. How did the Israelites respond to Joshua’s challenge? In verses 19-20, why do you think Joshua expressed doubt about the sincerity of the Israelites’ commitment to serve the Lord? What was their response to Joshua’s doubt?
  6. What was the purpose of the “large stone” Joshua set up at Shechem? When we make important commitments to God, why is it a good idea to have spiritual markers to help us remember them?
  7. Can you share about a recent stand you have taken for God that was not popular? If not, what might this say about your commit to God?
  8. Prayer: Let’s pray today that each of us will have the courage to serve the Lord even when it’s unpopular and that we will lead our families to do likewise.
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