D Group Guide – 1/29/17

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Daily Bible Reading

Day 1: Judges 2:1-23

Day 2: Judges 3:1-31

Day 3: Judges 4:1-24

Day 4: Judges 6:1-40

Day 5: Judges 7:1-25

Group Bible Study

Week 22: Judges 7:1-23 (Gideon and His Army)

  1. Read Judges 6:1-6. According these verses, why were the people of Israel having trouble with the Midianites and how did they respond to this trouble?
  2. The call of Gideon was an answer to the Israelites’ prayers. How large was the very first army that Gideon assembled? How do you think Gideon felt about the chances of his first army against the Midianites?
  3. What was God’s opinion of Gideon’s first army? What did God instruct Gideon to do? How many people left Gideon’s first army? How do you think Gideon felt about the chances of his second army against the Midianites?
  4. What was God’s opinion of Gideon’s second army? What did God instruct Gideon to do? How many left this time? What do you think Gideon was thinking now? Why do you think God wanted Gideon’s army to be so small?
  5. According to Judges 7:12, how large was the army of the Midianites? While facing such impossible odds, what did God do to encourage Gideon? How did Gideon win this battle?
  6. When we face insurmountable odds, why is it better to respond in faith instead of fear? Which one of Gideon’s three armies do you think you would have ended up in and why? Would you have even made it to his first army?
  7. Why do you think God always seems to use the small and insignificant things of this world to accomplish His greatest works? Can you think of some other examples of this?
  8. When God leads you to do something great (like starting a new D-Group), what are some lessons you can learn from this story?
  9. Let’s pray today for God to give us the courage to respond to challenges in faith.
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