D Group Guide – 2/12/17

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Daily Bible Reading

  • Day 1: Judges 13:1-25
  • Day 2: Judges 14:1-20
  • Day 3: Judges 15:1-20
  • Day 4: Judges 16:1-22
  • Day 5: Judges 16:23-31

Group Bible Study

Week 24: Judges 16:4-22 (Samson and Delilah)

  1. From everything we read in the Bible about Samson, we learn that he was physically strong, but spiritually weak in regard to sexual temptation. Why do you think sexual temptation is uniquely dangerous for people of faith?
  2. How can people of faith guard themselves from sexual temptation? What warning signs might indicate that someone is trying to “seduce” you sexually? How should you wisely respond to sexual seduction?
  3. What was Delilah’s motive for attempting to seduce Samson? Why you think Samson fell so easily for her seductive ways?
  4. What obvious warning signs were there to indicate that Delilah’s motives were not pure? Why do you think Samson did not learn from his mistakes and continued to fall for Delilah’s traps?
  5. What physical and spiritual consequences did Samson experience because he fell for Delilah’s seduction? Samson’s moral failure greatly hurt himself, but how did it also adversely affect others around him?
  6. How might Samson’s life have been different had he escaped this temptation? How might the lives of others be different?
  7. Whether it’s lust over another person or looking at pornography, what consequences might we face if we give in to these traps?
  8. Why is a commitment to sexual purity a vital part of being a man or woman of God? What practical steps can we take to maintain sexual purity? How can we help one another in this area?
  9. Let’s pray today for one another to wise up to sexual temptation and to stand strong in sexual purity.
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