D Group Guide – 2/5/17

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Daily Bible Reading

  • Day 1: Judges 8:1-35
  • Day 2: Judges 9:1-57
  • Day 3: Judges 10:1-18
  • Day 4: Judges 11:1-40
  • Day 5: Judges 12:1-15

Group Bible Study

Week 23: Judges 8:22-35 (Gideon Makes an Golden Ephod)

  1. Gideon and his army of 300 had won a great victory over the Midianites. What did the people of Israel request of Gideon? Why do you think he refused their request?
  2. As many great leaders of Israel had done in the past, why do you think Gideon neglected to build an altar in tribute to God’s deliverance and call upon the people’s faithfulness?
  3. Before Israel’s victory, Gideon carefully listened and followed the Lord’s instructions. Why do you think he began to act alone and stopped seeking the Lord’s counsel?
  4. Why is it often true that spiritual dangers lurk behind spiritual victories? Why are the temptations of pride and self-righteousness particularly alluring after a spiritual victory?
  5. An ephod was a unique garment worn by a priest, and Gideon, as a Benjamite, was not a priest. What do you think led Gideon to take the people’s gold and make a golden ephod?
  6. What did the people do with Gideon’s golden ephod? Why do you think this became “a snare” to Gideon and his family?
  7. As a leader, Gideon began by tearing down an idolatrous altar and he finished by setting one up. What are some important spiritual lessons can we learn from Gideon’s mistakes?
  8. Read again verses 33-35. Gideon’s legacy as a leader was short lived. What things can destroy a leader’s legacy? How can we guard against these things?
  9. Let’s pray today for wisdom to handle spiritual victories with humility and grace.
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