D Group Guide – 6/18/17

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Daily Bible Reading:

  • Day 1: 2 Kings 21:1-26
  • Day 2: 2 Kings 22:1-20
  • Day 3: 2 Kings 23:1-37
  • Day 4: 2 Kings 24:1-20
  • Day 5: 2 Kings 25:1-30

Week 42: 2 Kings 22:8-20 (The Book of the Law is Found)

  1. What is the most valuable personal possession you have ever lost? How did it make you feel when you lost it? Did you ever find it again?
  2. In our story, Hilkiah, the high priest, found the Book of the Law in the house of the Lord during the reign of righteous King Josiah. How does a nation or a people completely “lose” the Bible? How close do you think we are to losing God’s Word in our nation today? How can we find it again?
  3. Where did Hilkiah find the Book of the Law? How can God’s Word be in the House of the Lord and yet be lost there at the same time?
  4. When King Josiah first heard the words of the Book of the Law, what was his immediate response? What did he realize about his people and his nation?
  5. Who was Huldah and what great responsibility had God given her? What does this teach us about the important role of godly women in God’s work? What message from the Lord did Huldah have for King Josiah?
  6. Read 2 Kings 23:24-25. With his heart convicted by God’s Word, what drastic changes did Josiah make? In what ways is Josiah’s model of godly leadership an example to follow for leaders today? What difference would it make to have more leaders like Josiah?
  7. Some people seem to get little out of reading the Bible, while the hearts of others are greatly convicted. What do you think makes the difference in this?
  8. In your life today, would you consider God’s Word to be lost or found? How hungry are you for God’s Word? What personal changes are you making to bring your life more in line with God’s Word?
  9. Let’s pray today for God to give us a greater hunger of His Word and hearts that are greatly convicted by His Word.
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