D Group Guide – 07/09/17

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Daily Bible Reading:

  • Day 1: Nehemiah 8:1-18
  • Day 2: Nehemiah 9:1-25
  • Day 3: Nehemiah 9:26-38
  • Day 4: Nehemiah 10:28-39
  • Day 5: Nehemiah 13:1-12

Week 45: Nehemiah 8:1-11 (Worshipping the Great God)


  1. How often do you join with others for worship? Do you think it is important for God’s people to join together in worship? Why or why not?
  2. In our story, Nehemiah had led the Jewish people to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem and afterward they gathered for worship. Where did they gather for worship? What does it mean by saying that they gathered “as one man?”
  3. As they began to worship, what did Ezra the priest do before the assembly of men and women? What is the Book of the Law and why was it a central part of their worship?
  4. How long did Ezra read from the Book of the Law and where was he standing as he read? What was the posture and attitude of the people as he read?
  5. During this time of worship, the people were active participants. What are all the different ways the people responded and participated in worship? How are these worshippers an example for us to follow?
  6. Why is it important not only to read God’s Word, but to also “give the sense of it” and help the people “to understand” it? Why do you think all the people wept as they heard the words of the law?
  7. Nehemiah exhorted the people to “not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength” (v. 10). What is the “joy of the Lord?” In what ways does the joy of the Lord give us strength? At the end of this worship service, why did the people go their way “rejoicing?”
  8. When you join with others for worship, do you come to participate or to evaluate? Do you come to give or receive? In what ways do you give and participate? From this study, how might your worship be different?
  9. Let’s pray today for each of us to become more passionate worshippers.
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