D Group Guide – 08/13/17

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Daily Bible Reading:

  • Day 1: Jeremiah 18:1-23
  • Day 2: Jeremiah 23:1-40
  • Day 3: Jeremiah 32:1-44
  • Day 4: Ezekiel 33:1-33
  • Day 5: Ezekiel 37:1-28

Week 50: Ezekiel 37:1-14 (The Valley of Dry Bones)


  1. Do you ever go through times of spiritual dryness? Why do you think this happens?
  2. In our story, Ezekiel the Prophet was led by the Spirit to a certain valley. What did he see in the middle of the valley? What question did God ask him about these dry bones? How did Ezekiel respond to this question?
  3. What did God tell Ezekiel to say to the dry bones? When these dry bones hear the word of the Lord, what did God say He would do for them? How is it possible for someone to listen to the Word of God but to not really “hear” it? In what ways would this contribute to spiritual dryness?
  4. What happened to the dry bones after Ezekiel prophesied over them? What one thing was still lacking in these bones? What do you think the “breath” symbolizes in this story?
  5. What did God tell Ezekiel that these dry bones represented? In what ways has this been fulfilled in the nation of Israel? Just as the house of Israel was spiritually dead and needed new life, in what ways is this true of our nation today?
  6. What does the word “revival” mean? According to this story, what is needed for God’s people to experience a true spiritual revival? What great things happen when revival occurs?
  7. When you go through times of personal spiritual dryness, what lessons can you learn from this story? In what ways does Ezekiel provide an example to follow in times of dryness?
  8. Let’s pray today for spiritual revival in our land and that revival will begin in each of us.
Author: Grace Life Staff

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