cr.001The Celebrate Recovery ministry helps people overcome life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups through a balanced and engaging program based on Jesus’ own teachings. For years the program has helped people deal with issues using eight principles from the Beatitudes of the New Testaments and 12 biblically-based steps to recovery. This program is distinctly Christian, founded in scripture and proven to work. It helps people to discover a new level of growth, acceptance, and grace.

How does Celebrate Recovery Help?

Main Meeting gives us a place to meet together for worship through music and to receive teaching on the 12 steps/8 principles or encouragement from personal testimonies given by those who have been working through the process of recovery.

Share Groups give us a place to share our hurts, hang- ups, and habits. The groups are issue and gender specific so that we can connect with others who we can identify with and who can identify with us, giving us the security and support we need to begin to heal.

Step Study Groups allow us to work through our hurts, hang-ups, and habits. Lead by facilitators who have been through a step study themselves, participants work through lessons in the CR participant guides using the 12 steps and related scriptures to obtain the tools that will allow them to overcome their struggles and become while.

Celebrate Recovery meets every Tuesday.

Free Dinner 6:00
Main Meeting 6:30
Share Group 7:30

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