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Sundays, 10:45am-2:15pm

Lunch is $10 per family.

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What is the Legacy Journey?

As Christ-Followers, we are all on a LEGACY JOURNEY and we will each leave a “Legacy Stamp” on our family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers! The question we all must ask is, “At the close of my life, when I am reviewing my life from the rocking chair, will I have left a God glorifying legacy stamp, if I continue on the path of life I am currently following?”

Using the natural “Milestone events” all children pass as they mature, the Legacy Milestones Path is our means of equipping families to lead their children to “Love the Lord with all their heart” and raise them to be world changers for Christ! The Milestone Seminars are designed to be experienced well in advance of your child approaching the milestone. These are designed to prepare you to maximize the spiritual impact of your child passing each particular milestone.

In addition to the Milestone Seminars, there will also be various SteppingStone and BridgeStone Seminars offered as well. SteppingStone Seminars are child age-centered designed to help you smoothly transition from one phase of your Legacy Journey to the next. BridgeStone Seminars are overarching, biblical principle focused, and created to help you master a specific “Life Skill” important to the Legacy Journey for your family. You’ll need to be strategic in planning your Legacy Journey training. The Summit is for the entire church family and childcare will be provided during the seminars.


“First Steps” Seminar for Milestone 1 | Topics: Understanding The Parent­BabyDedication Ceremony, The Early Spiritual Development of Your Child, The Importance of Mom and Dad to Be Present, Ways to Bless Your Child and Build Biblical Foundations. (Take prior to the Dedication Service)

2. The TALK
“Faith Conversations” Seminar for Milestone 2 is foundational to the overall LegacyJourney. You’ll learn how critical the role of parent is to the spiritual development of a child, how to have intentional spiritual­faith conversations with your family, conversation timing, and about resources for preparing meaningful faith conversations. (Take when child is age 2)

“Leading Your Child to Christ” Seminar Milestone 3 | Topics: Accepting Christ as Savior, Is My Child Ready for Salvation?, God’s Plan of Salvation, Baptism Explained and Discipleship Begins at Home. (Take when child is age 4)

4. The LEAP
“Navigating Adolescence” Seminar for Milestone 4 | Topics: Relating to Your Adolescent, Facing the Challenges of Junior High, A Look at Today’s Culture, Faith That Prevails, The Biggest Obstacles to Christian Living and preparation for the special family celebration road trip. (Take when child is in 4th Grade)
“Commitment to Purity” Seminar for Milestone 5 | Topics: The Biblical Standard For Purity, Spiritual Training of Teens: Parent Roles and Church Roles, Identity in Christ, Accountability and Communication. (Take when child is 7th Grade)
6. The DRIVE
“Becoming an Adult” Seminar for Milestone 6 | Topics: The Biblical Roles of Men and Women, Fostering Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Gifts, and the Adulthood Ceremony: What it is, the “How to” and Ceremony Follow Up. (Take when Child is in 9th Grade)
“Living the Grace Life” Seminar for Milestone 7 | Topics: Spiritual disciplines foundational to living and maturing in Christ, such as: Prayer, Scripture, Authentic Faith, Obedient Follower, Disciple Maker, Giving/Serving, and Community. (Take when child is in 10th Grade)
“Preparing For Graduation” Seminar for Milestone 8 | Topics: Apologetics, Connecting With Other Adults, Knowing and Following God’s Will, Courtship, Marriage and Money Management. (Take when child is in 11th Grade)
“Living As One in Biblical Marriage” Seminar for Milestone 9 | Topics: Developing a healthy understanding of biblical covenant marriage and learn about the primary ingredients necessary for a God­honoring lasting marriage. (Take after engagement prior to marriage; or after marriage…as a check­up)
10. The COACH
“GrandParenting With Purpose” Seminar, a Stepping Stone to help you become a godly spiritual influence on your grandchildren as a Legacy Builder. (SteppingStone Seminars prepare you for a specific transition point in life)
11. The CLOCK
“Redeeming The Time” Seminar, a BridgeStone to help you maximize the use of your time at home or at work, and break free from the tyranny of the urgent. (BridgeStone Seminars focus on an over­arching biblical principle for life.)


The basic structure of the Legacy Milestones was developed by Brian Haynes and the staff at the Kingsland Baptist Church, Katy, TX and outlined in the book “Shift”.

Legacy Milestone Resource Guide


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If you would like to help with childcare during a seminar you are NOT attending, contact Pastor Brad.