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Grace Life Baptist Church is a family of believers located in McCalla, AL. Whether you’re new to the area, looking for a church home, or want to know more about God and church, we invite you to join us during one of our services.

We strive to provide ministries for people of all ages and backgrounds. There are many opportunities for you to connect with others and grow in your relationship with God through worship and Bible study.

Explore our website for more information or contact us if you have any questions.


D-Group Guides

D Group Guide – 9/25/16

Daily Bible Reading Day 1:  Genesis 18:1-33 Day 2: Genesis 19:1-38 Day 3: Genesis 20:1-18 Day 4: Genesis 21:1-34 Day 5: Genesis 22:1-24 Group Bible Study Week 4:  Genesis 22:1-14 (The Sacrifice Of Isaac) This chapter begins with the words “God tested Abraham.” Why do you think God tested Abraham? Why do you think there…

D Group Guide – 9/18/16

Daily Bible Reading Day 1:  Genesis 13:1-18 Day 2: Genesis 14:1-24 Day 3: Genesis 15:1-21 Day 4: Genesis 16:1-16 Day 5: Genesis 17:1-27 Group Bible Study Week 3:  Genesis 17:1-21 (God’s Covenant Reaffirmed) God revealed Himself to Abram by a new name, “El Shaddai,” which means “God Almighty.” Why do you think God revealed Himself…

D Group Guide – 9/11/16

Daily Bible Reading Day 1:  Genesis 7:1-24 Day 2: Genesis 8:1-22 Day 3: Genesis 9:1-28 Day 4: Genesis 11:1-9 Day 5: Genesis12:1-20 Group Bible Study Week 2:  Genesis 12:1-10 (The Call of Abraham) Why do you think God had special plans for Abram? What things did God want Abram to do? What things did God say He would do…