BandRehearsal: Wednesdays 7:00 – 8:30pm

God has blessed us with an incredible group of talented musicians who lead our church family in worship each week.  They are not satisfied to merely perform music, but to facilitate worship.  They understand the needs of our congregation take priority over their own personal tastes in music.  Although they are a close family, they gladly welcome new members.  Members serve on a monthly rotation and lead worship in both Sunday morning services.  You have to audition for this ministry.  The ability to read music and charts is a requirement for keyboard players. The ability to read charts is a requirement for guitarists. Most Sundays the worship band consists of a combination of guitars, drums, and keyboards. Other instruments, such as brass, strings, and woodwinds, are used for special occasions.  Whether you’re interested in playing in the regular rotation or just for special occasions, we encourage you to audition. Contact Mike Jones for more information.