Reserve the Pavilion


The pavilion can be reserved for a maximum of 3 hours (including set up & clean up).

Available resources for the event:

There are (10) picnic tables under the pavilion. They cannot be taken out of the pavilion.

Grounds are available in the “as is” condition. The season of the year and most recent use will determine the length of the grass and condition of the pavilion.

Usage Guidelines:

  1. You will need to get an entry gate code for your event. You will need to give this code to all of your guests so they will be able to enter the property.
  2. Ensure that the property is as you found it when you leave (including chairs, tables, equipment, etc.)
  3. Pets (with the exception of service animals) are not allowed on our property.
  4. The use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia are prohibited.
  5. Fishing is allowed (All state and county regulations must be followed)
  6. Campfires are allowed in the fire pit only. Campfires must be supervised by someone 21 years or older at all times. (All state and county regulations must be followed, e.g. “burn ban”.)
  7. The following are not allowed on the shadow Lake Property:
  • Hunting
  • Fireworks
  • Boats with motors
  • Swimming
  • Shooting of firearms
  • Open-carry firearms

8. The use of the restrooms on the back of the Student Building is permitted (see #10).

9. Clean up:

  • Provide trash bags
  • Transfer all trash from property and trash cans to dumpster including restrooms used
  • Sweep pavilion
  • Wipe off tables used
  • Turn lights and fans off

10. Restrooms need to be checked prior to leaving the premises for the following:

  • Sweep floors
  • Faucets are cut off
  • Toilets and urinals are not running water
  • Lights are off
  • Doors are shut (leave unlocked)

11. If church equipment or property is damaged due to misuse or neglect during your event, you may be required to reimburse Grace Life Baptist Church for the cost to repair or replace the damaged equipment or property.

12. I understand that other areas of the property may be in use by other groups during the time of my event. (i.e. Walking Path, Playgrounds, Piers, etc.)

This form must be filled out completely and submitted BY EVENT LEADER (MUST BE A CHURCH MEMBER):