Mission Partners

Mission Partners


Email Pastor Johnye for more information about Grace Life mission partners.


The Grace Place:

A local benevolence ministry partner

Pray for our volunteers at The Grace Place: Dava Acton, Lyn Acton, Sarah Cofield, Ellie Huffman, Ann Jones, Carol Kepfer, Irene Mills, Brandi Newman, Mary Stinson, Mickey Wade, Rhonda Whaley, and Janice Whaley.


Pregnancy resource center

Pray for the zip codes represented at Grace Life:



Alabama Baptist Children's Home:

A Christ-centered foster care facility in the state of Alabama

ALSBOM & Disaster Relief:

The State Board of Missions serves the SBC Churches in AL and leads in efforts such as disaster relief

Barefoot Believer's:

Nate Diehl serves as a NAMB missionary in the AL coastal area


Central Alabama Christian Builders:

Volunteer groups helping build churches all over North America.

Pray for our construction trip to Juno, AK, May 6-20.

North American Mission Board:

Equips and serves SBC churches in North America with missions and church planting


Belize Missions:

Partnership between Grace Life and Gregorio Cano to serve Southern Belize in mission efforts and pastor training

Children's Hope (Haiti):

Orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti

Compassion International (Thailand):

Works to relieve poverty in Jesus’ name through child sponsorship and church partnerships

Click here to watch Owen Githanga share his testimony of growing us as a sponsored child.

Global Hunger Relief:

SBC efforts at combating hunger and sharing the Bread of Life

Hogar De Vida (Costa Rica):

Orphanage and Children’s Home in Atenas, Costa Rica

International Mission Board:

Equips and serves SBC churches all around the world with missions and church planting

Shaun Shorrosh serves In four countries in the Middle East assisting local churches in their mobiliaztion: 

Shaun has asked us to pray for (1) The production and editing of a musical video that will proclaim the Gospel message to Arabs. (2) That Arabs will receive the Gospel and accept Christ as Savior through these songs.(3) That many Arab believers will be encouraged and grow in their faith as they listen to the songs.

Madison Serving in Southeast Asia:

Madison is serving in Southeast Asia as one of our international mission partners.

Madison has asked us to pray for (1) The 8 discipleship meetings across the state that they will be teaching.  Pray for Bible knowledge to increase. (2) Her neighbor "J" who says she believes in Jesus but has many questions. Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw "J" in and bring clarity to her questions. (3) The opportunity to share the Gospel in the gym that she has joined. (4) Clarity to understand the new visa rules. At the moment she has more questions than answers. (5) In-roads and opportunities to engage the Tikulhara (unreached, unengaged people group).

Mission to Arabs:

Bringing the hope of the gospel to the Middle East and Africa through mission efforts, church planting and pastor training

Dr. Rami has asked us to pray for (1) His kids and their school. (2)His kids' social life. (3) Their church plant as they are planning to move to a new location. (4) For Rami as he is finalizing his book.