Mission Partners

Mission Partners


Email Pastor Johnye for more information about Grace Life mission partners.


The Grace Place:

A local benevolence ministry partner

Pray for (1) Jason Leight as he leads this ministry. (2) our members who volunteer at The Grace Place: Dava Acton, Lynn Acton, Sarah Cofield, Ellie Huffman, Ann Jones, Carol Kepfer, Irene Mills, Brandi Newman, Mary Stinson, Mickey Wade, Rhonda Whaley, and Janice Whaley.


Pregnancy resource center

Pray for our members who volunteer at Sav-a-life: Ann Jones, Jackie Hadaway, Angel Hudgins, Katie Spiller, and Chris Craig.

Discovery Clubs of Alabama:

After school Bible clubs held in public elementary schools in Birmingham and the surrounding counties

Pray for (1) the club at McCalla Elementary School that Grace Life will be starting this fall. (2)the children and their response to the gospel. (3) David & Debbie Patterson, Sara Cofield, Lenna Peterson, Janice Taylor and Bit Horton as they serve in this ministry.

Pray for the zip codes represented at Grace Life:



Alabama Baptist Children's Home:

A Christ-centered foster care facility in the state of Alabama

ALSBOM & Disaster Relief:

The State Board of Missions serves the SBC Churches in AL and leads in efforts such as disaster relief

Barefoot Believer's:

Nate Diehl serves as a NAMB missionary in the AL coastal area

Nate has asked us to pray for (1) the start of the campus ministries at the Costal Alabama Community College campuses at Bay Minette and Fairhope. (2) the development of additional mission partners. (3) connections with local ministry volunteers that will also assist us. (4) the preparations for Shrimp Fest in Oct. (5) our family, Nate and Alicia and children, Zach, Eli and Faith.


North American Mission Board (NAMB):

Equips and serves SBC churches in North America with missions and church planting

Matt & Ruth Lahey have planted a church in Newfoundland in a town that has not had a church in over 100 years. 

Praise for (1) The soccer camp we held Aug 21-25 was a great success; met families, shared the gospel and raised the awareness of our church in the community. Pray for (1) the hearts of the people to soften and be open to the gospel. (2) Shikeh, an Afghani refugee whose family moved into the town and, as a converted muslim, has become a witness within the Muslim community for the church that Matt pastors. (3) a place for them to meet. They are no longer allowed to meet in the community center (All religious organizations are forbidden to use community center for worship).

Matt & Amanda Hadden and family are serving in the Pine Ridge Reservation, home of the Oglala Lakota tribe in South Dakota.  Praises for (1) they are averaging 125 children each day in our summer camps (2) the completion of 2 remodels for families in need on the reservation (3) the opportunities these remodels have given us to share the gospel. Pray for (1) 2 full size buses to replace 2 very old and worn out buses (2) finances to refill our fuel tank mid-summer (our last fuel bill was $9700 and it will not get us through the summer) (3) growth and support for wellness and construction ministries.

Central Alabama Christian Builders:

Volunteer groups helping build churches all over North America.


International Mission Board:

Equips and serves SBC churches all around the world with missions and church planting

Shaun Shorrosh serves in four countries in the Middle East assisting local churches in their mobilization: 

Shaun has shared his praises with us for (1) additional musical video that has been edited and released (Psalm 139:14) (2) the 14 recent baptisms.

Shaun has asked us to pray for (1) these musical videos to be seen and heard through social media, as each one is a Bible verse set to music. (2) for these who have been baptized. (3) Shaun as he prepares to teach an online course focusing on ‘witnessing in the marketplace’ and for the students taking course. (4) Amul who is preparing to lead a women’s retreat in November.

Madison is serving as a journeyman in Southeast Asia alongside IMB missionary, Jonathan and his wife, Rebecca and their 3 children.

Jonathan and Rebecca have shared these praises with us (1) The youth camp they led this summer was a tremendous blessing to everyone who attended (2) Children are back in school and have connected well.

Johnathan and Rebecca have asked us to Pray for (1) the arrival of a 3rd journeyman to join Madison and Rachel (2) the preparation for the Grace Life team that will soon arrive. (3) Joel, Will, Dani, Raegan and Johnye as they prepare to join them. (4) the time that our journeymen spend while with us will continue to be fruitful.

Madison has shared these praises with us (1) The ministry opportunities that she and her team have had in their city. (2) The discipleship meetings with new believers have offered a sweet time of fellowship. (3) The additional language classes that she is taking are helping her speak and understand the local language better. (4) A new discipleship group that she and her team leader are doing with a group of ladies.

Pray for (1) the short-term team from Grace Life that is joining her team this month. (2) For her team as they continue to seek out more ministry opportunities in the city where they live. (3) For her team and national partners to be able to locate and share the gospel with the Jain people (an unengaged, unreached people group). (4) That she would continue to grow in her ability to understand and speak the local language.

Belize Missions:

Partnership between Grace Life and Gregorio Cano to serve Southern Belize in mission efforts and pastor training

Children's Hope (Haiti):

Orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti

Praises for (1) 51 people saved, including a voodoo priest and his family, in the mountain village of Sequin where Pastor Marc and Pastor Nicolas had led a mission team to preach, prayer walk, share in street evangelism and food distributions. (2) the ministry to incarcerated women that CH started recently which included not on only sharing the gospel but getting 3 women freed who had been wrongly arrested without a trial and (3) our food distribution to some 120 senior adults twice a month.  

Major Flood: Recently Haiti experienced major flooding due to excessive rain.  The orphanage was not damage by the flood water because a retaining wall had been built.  However, the medical clinic’s lab received severe water damage.  This clinic is vital to the ministry of CH to the people in the village. 

Pray for (1) Haiti as the people recover from yet another tragic event (2) Children's Hope as we determine how we can best serve those around us that have been affected by the flooding (3) our team as they begin the clean-up, recovery, and repair efforts and (4) our team as we seek resources to restore our lab.

Compassion International (Thailand):

Works to relieve poverty in Jesus’ name through child sponsorship and church partnerships

Click here to watch Owen Githanga share his testimony of growing up as a sponsored child.

Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus (Belize):

KK4Jesus Serves children and families in central Belize.

Pray for our medical team who will be going in October to serve. 

Hogar De Vida (Costa Rica):

Orphanage and Children’s Home in Atenas, Costa Rica

Praise for (1) the beautiful care the children receive from all the staff. (2) mission teams that come to minister alongside the staff. (3) the wisdom that God has given Tim and Dena to direct this ministry. (4) the gospel seeds that are constantly planted in the hearts of the children.

Pray for (1) Tim and Dena Stromstad who founded and continues to direct this ministry. (2) the children who come to this home from difficult family situations. (3) for the staff that care for the children. (4) the financial support needed to keep this home open.

Global Hunger Relief:

SBC efforts at combating hunger and sharing the Bread of Life

Mission to Arabs:

Bringing the hope of the gospel to the Middle East and Africa through mission efforts, church planting and pastor training

Dr. R wanted to share these praises for (1) God’s work in their church plant (2) God’s provision of a new location for their church (3) their kids’ adjustment at school.

Dr. R has asked us to pray for (1) completion of paperwork to secure the new location for their church (2) Dr. R’s time in Egypt, Iraq and at ETS would be helpful for people to be better equipped for the word of ministry (3) that God will keep growing and maturing the saints in their church and continue to bring people to know Him through the church’s ministry.